Tony Salas

About Our Instructor

Antonio “Tony” Salas has been teaching classes nationwide for over 30 years. He is currently the course instructor for Powertrain Training. He specializes in Light and Medium Duty Diesel applications. His instruction focuses not only on product specifics, but use of diagnostic tools, service information, and critical thinking needed to take on, diagnose, and repair today’s trucks.

He has worked as an instructor for General Motors Fleet and ACDelco. Additionally he has done contract training for Motorcraft, Standard Motor Products, Delphi and Independent shops.

He is the former training manager for the Association of Diesel Specialists. 

His knowledge base encompasses diesel and automotive gasoline applications. This includes electronics training and networks.

Tony works on automotive, and light and medium duty diesel vehicles on a daily basis which enables him to teach up-to-date real life scenarios to help the technician diagnose and repair with more accuracy.

As a bilingual (Spanish/English) trainer he is able to teach in both languages.

Powertrain Training provides hands on training at their Las Vegas location.  Las Vegas Diesel LLC is a training provider which also operates a light and medium duty diesel repair facility.